Friday, April 1, 2016

April ... One Monthly Goal

Last month I realized that the next trek is coming up.  Samantha went on the last one (and I'm still almost finished with her memory quilt.)  Nicholas and Sarah are all signed up to go and I got to thinking about what I wanted to do for them.

In the years since I started Sam's trek quilt, I've realized my own style a bit more.  I want these quilts to not only be a remembrance of the trek experience, I want them to hearken back to the pioneer heritage being recreated and still be a piece of me.  These quilts perfectly fit into my modern traditional preferences.  

Traditional blocks with a twist ... either in design or fabrics or both.  Some of my favorite blocks are churn dash, log cabin and Lemoyne stars.   Despite loving these "old fashioned" blocks, I definitely prefer modern fabrics--brighter colors, geometrics, bold designs.

As soon as I saw this fat quarter bundle (Doe by Carolyn Friedlander) on Massdrop, I wanted to use it for Nicholas's trek quilt.  Since then, I've been trying to decide on a design.  So when I saw Alison's Bear Tracks, I knew this was the perfect starting point.  To Sam's quilt, I added a temple on the horizon; a symbol of covenants, dreams and eternal family ties.  I want to add the same meaning into the quilts for Nicholas and Sarah, too.  From Alison's design, I drew out what I want (more on that part later):

Since the blocks are 8", this should be about 64 x 80 to start with.

My goal for this month is to get everything cut out and prepped for piecing.  If I'm lucky, I'll also get some of the 42 bear paw blocks pieced.


  1. That is so very cool Heather!

  2. Oh, I love your plan! I've never gotten to go on trek, not even as a ma or grandma, but I love hearing all the stories when they come back. If you're like me, you wind up thinking just how wonderful and special our young men and women are. =) This is a great way to commemorate the event, and I saw from the next post, you already have a lot of bear tracks ready to sew! I loved making bear paw blocks, and I don't know if this is a similar block or not. Churn Dash is one of my favorite blocks, too.


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