Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some August Sewing

I really can't believe it's half-way through August!  Maybe its because I bought plane tickets this week and I know I'm leaving that I suddenly don't feel like I have enough time to get anything done ...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Top 10 Progress

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by in the last couple of days for the HO-HO-HO blog hop!  I always love seeing everyone else's projects and sharing the positive creative energy.  I try to respond to all the comments, but there are always a few no-reply ones that I can't.  So THANKS again!

That blog hop was on my Top 10 list for the summer, so I though I'd give a quick update:

1.  Lindsay's Baby Quilt. Done and received.  I love the way it turned out.
 2.  HoHoHo Blog Hop.  I posted for this earlier this week--YAY!!
3.  It's A Sister Thing Swap.  I have figured out what to make and am working on it ... almost finished :)

4.  Summmer Breeze Topper.  Almost done with the quilting, only the outside border left, then binding.
 5.  Tetris Quilt.  This is still waiting ...
6.  Flower Patch Quilt Along.  I've gotten a bit more done--4 squares now.
7.  Formal Gardens String Quilt.  Haven't touched this one, either ...
8.  Design Wall.  Still in the dreaming phase.

9.  Work in my yard ...  I've cut down several awful bushes and done quite a bit of basic maintenance--YAY!
10.  Help my parents move.  They have a tentative closing date now and I'm just making final arrangements!!

After spending a few days last weekend back at work helping out, I'm excited to have this weekend free to do some planning for back-to-school and get some sewing done :)  What are YOUR plans?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ho Ho Ho: Not-Quite-Christmas-in-July

Welcome, hoppers!  I have been loving the outpouring of Christmas Spirit these past few days!

I really struggled over what to create for this blog hop--I had several ideas that just didn't feel right.  Then one evening as I was straightening my sewing area, I unearthed the advent calendar that I started last fall.  Woohoo--perfect project!  Pieces are already made and mostly cut out, a fabric line I truly love (Blitzen by BasicGrey) and still time to actually finish it.