Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This-is-so-COOL: "Vintage" craft books

I got a fun package in the mail last week!  But you need the story first ...
My parents live on the other side of the country--I rarely see them and often feel out of the loop.  But a couple of months ago, I just happened to call on some random day and got to hear how a sewage line broke about a block from their home.  Water and other stuff backed up in all the pipes and seriously flooded their basement--you can imagine.
Well after weeks of wrangling with the utility company and insurance companies, they finally got some worker-type-dudes to come in and start the clean up process--which will eventually mean new floors and walls in some places.  While this may yet turn out to be a blessing in disguise, in the meantime, almost 30 years of my dad's studio storage and my mom's craft storage have been seriously displaced--as in upstairs into the dining room.  To top it off, one of my sisters and her two young ones have temporarily moved in while her husband goes through basic training.  My heart goes out to them!

So, in preparation for the contractors to enter the scene and start banging away, Mom was doing some serious culling of her share of stuff.  She called me up and asked me if I wanted this book series.  Apparently somewhere along the line I mentioned I'd love to have them ... and when she asked I honestly couldn't remember the books or the statement to save my life.  But being me, I said sure, send them on over.  I'm so glad I did!  Aside from the obvious 1970's pics and styles, there is so much fun stuff.  In looking through them all, I DO now remember poring over these books for hours as a kid wishing I could do half that stuff.  Crazy that somewhere along the way I've gotten to the point where I really could--with major updates, of course.  So here are some fun pictures for your entertainment ...  (I'm not on top of ALL copyright laws, so hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes)

 This is a 20-volume series circa 1975.  There are some really great step-by-step instructions for crochet and sewing techniques like pleats, zippers, and embroidery.  Dated fabrics and make-up aside, there is quite a bit of great information in these books.
 This little is so cute just as it is!  No updating needed on this one.
 I had to post these because they are scarily close to my favorite Dansko shoes NOW.
 The lines and detailing on this skirt is way cute.  I would wear this--perhaps in a lighter summery fabric.
 Here's another sweater that has a timeless quality.
 I have some wood  bangles I got really cheap at Michael's about a year ago.  Been wondering what to do with them ...

There were quite a few projects that rang with possibilities.  There are quilted yo-yos, re-usable lunch bags, simple skirts, blankets and tote bags to name just a few things that looked promising.  What's your inspiration?

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