Saturday, February 4, 2012

S.W.A.K.: What a week!

This week has been notable for me in many ways.  I’m used to being a SAHM, my choice and I cherish it.  It’s not too often where it is so glaringly obvious that if I did work then I wouldn’t be able to do it all.  Samantha went to three different doctors this week.  We got new insurance at the beginning of the year, and this proved to be an added challenge.
Out of the 4 days of school this week, she missed two full days and two partial days.  On the bright side, she earned a 3.4 GPA this semester!  Sarah & Nicholas, however, are really beginning to feel that my focus has been shifted—I only got in to each of their classes once this past week.  I miss them and hope to get back in the swing soon.  Rhett and I started ripping the walls out of our bathroom.  We’ve done 1-1/2 and taken out the medicine cabinet and double vanity.  The bright side of that is that in taking it all out, we discovered that it will be super easy to shorten the vanity and install a linen closet in that space instead.  We’ll see what happens.
I really feel like I’m getting the hang of not feeling so silly when I write my blog posts to no one in particular.  I posted my second video this week and only missed one of my scheduled posts.  I linked up to two other blogs and finally figured out how to grab buttons (not hard at all :)  All of my nav bar tabs (underneath my blog header) may actually have links by the end of next week.  Plus I’ve got all kinds of projects in the works that I’m excited about!

I hope you all had as great a week as I did.  I’m looking forward to all the craziness to come, too.

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