Saturday, February 18, 2012

S.W.A.K.: Whew!

Rhett worked through three weekends in January, so he took some extra time off this week.  He spent most of his time working on our bathroom.  In this process, I found out that putting up the walls is not so bad, neither is taping and spackling—it’s the sanding that’s killer.  Plaster dust everywhere!  It is so fine and hard to clean up—blech!  He also re-organized the living room so he can host a WOWarcraft party tonight and baked five, yes 5, pies (and one cake)!  (Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, these pics were taken on the morning of the 14th--the romance never ends ...)

 We also took one day to have an extended lunch together.  We went to the mall to just walk around ...  Well, he'll probably never take me to Macy's again.  Just have to brag a little here--found a really cute denim spring jacket--$6.98 and another long sleeve tee for less than $10.  Fun stuff!

This week was another hard one for Samantha also—her headaches stepped up again last weekend and now she is having trouble sleeping.  She had an appointment with her main doctor and three more alternatives again this week.  She found out what a chiropractor does and what reflexology/aromatherapy can do.  We’re headed to another acupuncture appointment later today.  I wish something would kick in.  I know they’re saying migraines, but it is sure not responding to ANYTHING.  We’ve already got next week pretty much lined up …
I spend my time in between appointments and bathroom work hurrying to finish a quilt project I’m working on.  Here’s a preview.  All I have left is to finish the binding and edit the video.  I’m so excited about the way its turned out—I have plans for it :)  I’m also in the planning phase for a couple of other things I’m excited about … we’ll see how they come along.

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