Saturday, March 3, 2012

S.W.A.K.: Here's to More ... of the GOOD stuff

I think I can characterize this week as a smoothing out week.  Still have ups and downs, but a couple of things seems to have fallen into some kind of rhythm.  Now I just need to learn the steps and go with it ...

Samantha officially started a 2-period school day.  She continues to be in great pain most of the time.  Everything she was missing at school was so overwhelming, plus she's having more difficulty with focusing and short-term memory.  I can only imagine the incessant foggy feeling.  Anyway, hopefully this will help her focus some and relieve some of that stress.  She had her 3rd MRI come up normal again.  This time it was focusing on her neck and shoulder area.  Very frustrating.  We're ready for answers, or better yet, a miracle.

Sarah and Nicholas had their second TAG group meeting at school this week and they're excited about their respective projects.  Nicholas is learning about cryptography and DaVinci's mirror code and Sarah is working on a nature diary.  She and her friend are re-binding a couple of blank books, then will be going on excursions to press flowers, do rubbings and collect all kinds of as-yet-unknown goodies.  I'm so proud to see the initiative they're taking.
Here's a couple pics of Nicholas.  One of the things my mom sent me in her care packages was a pair of my dad's old (dare I say vintage) Boy Scout pants.  They're a touch too short, but otherwise fit great.  (Out that hem comes this week--wonder how it'll look after so many years ...)  I liked the pocket detailing--sure don't see that anymore.  He was so proud to put them on and go.
 I'm spending a good portion of today with Nicholas and his Battle of the Books team, The Medieval Rattlesnakes, at the regional battle.  They came in first in the school-wide competition and now they get to compete with the other elementary schools in the area.  He's nervous and excited--I guess I am, too.
I threw in a couple of last- minute projects this week, so other things got pushed back.  Sarah had a birthday party tonight so I made a little wallet for a gift card.  It turned out really cute--and it was fast (  Definitely a quick keeper.  I also made a small pair of drapes for one of Rhett's friends at work.  Long story short, he shared a story with me about how he made some crack about covering up a small peep-hole window with cardboard.  I looked at him and said, "I can do better than that!"  Four hours later, I was putting the finishing touches on the "cardboard".  Don't have pictures, but it wasn't anything complicated.  Just two 30" square panels with casing for a tension rod and matching ties.  The fabric was sweet, though--I'll definitely have to use the scraps--maybe for some gift card wallets ...

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