Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stash Bee--February Polaroid Blocks

Abigail picked a super fun block this month.  Like the economy blocks that are popular right now, these blocks feature fussy cut pics.  I did have to go out and find a fabric that I thought would be fun.  

I love Norman Rockwell!  His irreverent take on Americana was often featured in my home growing up.

I threw these blocks together in just a couple of hours.  I really like them; I feel like there is a big return for not-too-much time on each block.

I don't have to trim these, so I cropped the pictures closer in.  There is plenty of room to trim this one at an angle.  I'm sending two because the first one I doesn't quite have enough top-to-bottom to be very wonky.

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  1. I love these! I am going to find some fabric this weekend depending on what type of weather we get. I'm so over snow. And ice. And winter in general.



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