Monday, February 24, 2014


I got awesome mail today!

This is the first swap I found for this year (here).   I signed up because it looked so simple--make a pouch and fill it with goodies.  I really like pouches and bags, so ... woohoo!  I wasn't sure if it was a blind swap or not (it wasn't) so I surreptitiously checked her out on Flicker and her blog, BaaHurrah Farm.

She said she doesn't sew all that much, but the pouch is lovely!  The bunting is darling and I love the raw-edge applique.

She even included a Riley Blake charm pack (perfect colors for me) as well as some homemade goodies from her shop.

This was an awesome swap.  I think I'm beginning to get the hang of things.  Or maybe I should practice with a few more =)

Here is a re-cap of what I sent to Dawn.  I used the Open Wide Pouch tutorial--It was super easy and I *love* the results.  The instructions were clear and adjustments were easy.  (Dawn posted about it here.)

Thanks, Cat, for setting this all up for us!


  1. It was so fun and I'm going to practice that bag tutorial you used and work on my sewing skills. My first roll of washi tape...I immediately got on Pinterest to see what I could use it for. Thanks again Heather!!


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