Friday, February 28, 2014


Because I finished the center stars quickly last week, I was able to also do the chain piecing for the side and center units.

 All laid out nice and pretty ...

And done.  The pinning and stitching didn't take that long ... it was the seam pressing that felt like it would never end.


And the 4-patch corner units ...

Just tonight I was able to lay everything out on the playroom floor to get a feel for the finished quilt.  I like it so, soo, SOOO much!

The centers and red points are the same in each picture--I just changed the corner units.  I thought it might be interesting to see how I feel about the variations after looking at them for a week or so.

In this one the corner units are scrappy--all 4 corners of each block are different.

For this one, the corners of each block match each other, but they don't match the center star; neither do they come from the same center star.

In this last one, the corner units match the center stars.  This was my original intention, we'll see if I decide to go with that.


  1. Heather - this is beautiful. I don't know what I would do as far as the final decision. I love reading about this quilting experience.

  2. I personally like the last one best - but it's all up to you. Any of the ways look awesome! Isn't it nice when you can see the finished picture/goal in sight???

  3. I love how that is coming out. It is going to be just gorgeous.

  4. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! This looks awesome!!! And I love how it is coming together without the sashing and all of that wonderful scrappy goodness. It is amazing!! I love all of the layouts, it will be so hard to decide. Great job on getting this all sewn up. It is stunning!!


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