Saturday, January 25, 2014

My January ALOYF Finish

Yes, it's a relatively small thing.  But it is done.  And I love it!

My new ironing board.  I left The original cover on, added a layer of cotton batting, then a layer of Insulbrite and finally my *new* pieced cover.

Now it is so luxuriously pouffy.  It just makes me smile.

I started with this pattern from Cotton Way (#921).  I bought it this summer at Pine Needles in Gardner Village.  My Aunt Susie introduced me, and I'm so glad that I don't live any closer {I mean that in the bestest, most dangerous way.}

Image of Patchwork Ironing Board - Paper Pattern #921

I used some Joel Dewberry prints that I won a year ago (blogged here) and added some Kona Emerald and Charcoal.

The pattern was super easy to follow.  The elastic casing took me all one afternoon.  I'm OK with that, though, since it is constructed so well that I'm not at all worried about things slipping around.

See how beautiful those points are.  That must be one good pattern!

One final note ... the snowman in the picture ... that was painted by my mom :)  It warms my heart every time I think of her painting.  I keep this picture up all the time to remind me to make time for the people I love.

PS--there were a couple of comments in my original January goal post about the seams on the cover showing through to my fabrics.  I spent today pressing and cutting some larger scraps--and I made sure to press as much as possible right on top of the flying geese section.  There was no bleed-through of the seems at all.  I used to be able to see the metal pattern come up through my old cover and leave ghost images on some of my fabrics, but I've noticed none of that with the pieced seams on this new cover :)


  1. What a beautiful ironing board cover. I love your choice of fabrics. I love the charcoal with the other fabrics, too. This is a happy cover, for sur! GREAT FINISH!

  2. That is such a cute ironing board cover! I really need to make a new one, so I'm going ot check out the pattern you used :)

  3. Very charming. Congrats for finished your January goal. I am also doing a happy dance. Hugs from Brazil.

  4. stopping by from A Lovely Year of Finishes.

  5. Your finishes looks fantastic. Great job!

  6. Lovely...great would 'almost' make me want to iron. I am in desperate need a new ironing board cover again...I made one a year or so ago and it is showing some serious wear and tear. Too much quilt pressing. Happy stitching, Pauline


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