Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Busy Week ...

This past week was the first week all year when I've had a truly busy subbing schedule.  Usually I get 4 or 5 days each month; this week I got to work all 5 days and be in 4 different classrooms at 3 different schools.  I really did enjoy it, though.  Added to that, Sam started driver's ed 2 nights each week for the next 8 weeks.  I literally got home from school, threw dinner together, then ran back out to various activities 3 of my 5 evenings.  Friday evening when I tried to slow down a little and take some time for me, things got a bit hairy, but I forced myself to enjoy an hour outside the house.

Also this week was a proud mama moment:  Nicholas made student of the week.  He has been working so hard in all of his classes, but especially math and science.  It's so nice that he's being recognized; it's been a long road here at home, that's for sure. Yep, that's my boy!

It literally took me all week to get across town to my LQS, but I finally did yesterday morning.  I needed to get the solid (Kona Emerald) for the transition band on my ironing board cover.  That should get done early next week.  Woohoo!  I also picked up a simple small polka dot fabric to make a lanyard to use when I'm subbing.

I spent most of yesterday morning working on some reorganizing in my main bathroom that was long overdue ... now I just need to work on the deep cleaning to go along with that.  I recently saw a Pinterest suggestion to use Murphy's Oil Soap on hard water stains on glass ... I'm going to try that and see how it goes.  I love my marble-walled, glass enclosed shower, but the hard water here just wreaks havoc.

Finally, I'd like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and commented on my sweet Swoon Mini.  It was a fun project and I'm just trying to figure out where it'll hang now.  I'm turning my only leftover block into a mug rug to keep in my lunch bag for days I sub.  I'm still trying to respond to all the comments, but I'm woefully behind.  I appreciate all the love!


  1. Aww - a mug rug! Precious! Gratz to the boy. Hard work with recognition is always a good thing :)

  2. I'm impressed by how well you hold it all together amid your busy schedule! Keep up the good're an inspiration! Oh, and congrats to Nicholas, that's awesome!


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