Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This-is-so-COOL: I won something!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I got this e-mail from Green Fairy Quilts saying that I'd won a $25 gift certificate.  I was so excited.  I've been stalking a lot of quilting sites lately and leaving lots of comments.  Apparently, somewhere along the line, this totally *paid* off.  A big Thanks! to Mellissa at Happy Quilting and her Valentine's Day Charm Blog Hop series!

Even though Rhett was skeptical, I went ahead on the assumption that I wasn't being spammed--I mean the shop is in St. George, UT, and being the trusting soul I am, I went shopping!  I had so much fun browsing through all her choices online, then I went over to check out the blog--AMAZING!!  She makes machine quilting look like child's play.  I love the trapunto look she achieves by combining small motifs with larger ones.

I finally settled on a new jelly roll from Jenn Ski and Moda fabrics called Ten Little Things.  It's a really cute collection with a little boy feel.  I wasn't sure what I'd do with it since my boy is just about twelve, but I fell in love.  I couldn't resist--and the best part--it was almost free.  So I ordered and waited, stalked (I mean tracked) it online every day and opened it right up when I got it on Monday.

In the meantime--over last weekend--I found out why inspiration had struck in such an odd way for me.  A few weeks ago, my nephew's friend fell out of a second-story window and was very seriously injured.  I've been following my sister's updates and my heart pours out to this family.  Well, last Saturday, my sister posted that she's hosting a benefit for the family to help defray medical costs.  I now know why I have that darling little boy fabric.  Here's a quick sneak peek at what I'm working on--hopefully it will bring in a nice bid for the family at the silent auction.


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    1. Thanks! I'm loving all the table runners this month. So much inspiration ... so little time ...

  2. Great idea for an auction item Heather.


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