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Tipsy Tutorials: Pieced Scripture Cover

This is a project that was born out of need.  I'm one of those mothers who feels like she carries sixteen different bags to church each week.  One for the kids, one for the calling, my scripture case, ... you get the idea.  The cargo area of our mini-van is literally half-filled with all that stuff that HAS to go to church with me.  I can hear those of you who side with my husband ... why don't you just use your iPhone scripture app, or Kindle, or whatever electronic iteration?  Last year for my birthday my husband got me two things--an Amazon Kindle and a sweet laptop bag that looks like an attache case.  His thought was that maybe I should consolidate a little.

Good thought ... but its taken me 6 more months to figure out exactly how I want it to work.  I kept getting frustrated about my scripture case.  I love my scripture case, but its an extra purse--no way around it.  Finally I decided I needed a smaller one, then after many internet tutorial searches, I realized I didn't really want a scripture case at all, I want a scripture cover.   You know, like the ones we used to make for our texts in high school.  That way, I can slide my scriptures into my new bag and thusly eliminate one more thing to carry.  Eureka!

Once I came to this inevitable conclusion, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like:  my husband's missionary scriptures.  Only that meant figuring it out on my own.  I found a similar feel to what I wanted at this tutorial from Moda Bakeshop, .  I used this tutorial as a jumping board for my own design.  So here we go ...

Pieced Scripture Cover
The measurements I use here will fit a medium-sized LDS edition quad.

cover pieces:
28 (1-1/2" x 4") rectangles--I used 4 different coordinating fabrics
2 (3" x 26-1/4") strips--main color (black)
1 (8-3/4" x 26-1/4") fusible flannel (I cut it a little big then trimmed)

inside flap pieces:
4 (1-1/2" x 4") rectangles (as above)
2 (3" x 4") strips--main color (black)
1 (8-3/4" x 4") fusible flannel

1 (8-3/4" x 26-1/4") lining fabric (black)
1 or 2 (3" x 4-1/2") lining fabric (for pockets--OPTIONAL)
matching and contrasting threads
fabric scissors
1 thin pony-tail elastic

1.  We are going to start with the scrappy strip down the middle.  Take 4 of your rectangles for the inside flap and sew them together with a 1/4" seam.  Set these aside.  Then do the same for the 28 other pieces.  Pay careful attention to line up the top and bottom as best you can.  This will make matching edges a lot easier in just a bit.  You now have two strips.  Press all your seams to one side.

2.  Center your longer strip onto your corresponding piece of fusible flannel and carefully fuse to the bumpy side with your iron.  Repeat with the smaller inside flap pieces.  Now quilt along each seam (ditch) of each strip.  No need for backstitching since these ends will be sewn over in the next step.

3.  Line up the top and bottom strips right sides together with the top and bottom edges of the center strip.  Pin and sew with a 1/4" seam.  Press the seam open and iron these strips to the fusible flannel.  Using contrasting (red) thread, stitch in the ditch, then 1/4 inch away from the ditch, then two more lines parallel to the first one.  Repeat for the bottom strip.

4.  Double check here to make sure that everything is fitting OK.  Measure 3 inches in from each corner of the folded over flap (right side). Cut off each corner.  Use this as a pattern to do the same thing for the lining.    Take your pony tail elastic and pinch two sides together in half.  About 1/4 of the way from one end, twist a small length of thread around the the two sides of the elastic to hold them together, then baste them to the center of the lining flap in between where the corners were trimmed off.  Make sure that the larger loop that will go around the button is facing towards the middle.  Layer the lining and pieced cover right sides together and pin together.

5.  Leaving 3 to 4 inches open for turning, stitch around the remaining sides with a 3/8-inch seam.  Trim all corners and turn right-side-out.  I use a plastic chopstick to push out the corners and make them nice and crisp.  Give the whole thing a good ironing, making sure to turn the edges of the opening to the inside.

6.  Before topstitching, we need to take care of the inside flap.  First we need to finish the edge that will be on the left (open) side of the back flap.  Fold over about 1/4" and topstitch in place.  Now, use your book to determine placement of the flap.  Put a pin in the center to keep it from shifting.  Now fold over the top and bottom so they are flush with the top and bottom lines of the main cover; pin.  Fold the right side under 1/4" to 3/8" and pin into place.  After you pin, double check that your book will still fit.  Sewing as close to the right edge as possible, stitch that right side from top to bottom.

7. **optional** I added a pocket for pencils/pens at this point just to the right side of the flap.  I had a 3" x 4-1/2" square of the lining fabric.  I folded the top over 1/2" and then a second time so that the inside hem was about 1/4".  I sewed across the top to finish it off.  I folded and pressed the remaining three sides to the inside 1/4" to 3/8"--I just eyeballed it.  Finally I sewed around the three sides and once up the middle.

8.  Fold over the left flap and pin into place.  Topstitch as close as you can all the way around the cover--I did about 1/8".  I started at the bottom so the joining wouldn't be as obvious.  I also backstitched over each of the places where the flaps were joined down to add a little durability.  Put your book in the cover and find placement for the button--sew it on and you're done!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you liked the snack bags I made. :)
    This scripture cover is great! I might try that to carry my book in my bag without ruining it.


    1. As soon as I'm done with my current blanket--I'm working on some snack bags. Thank YOU for letting me know you stopped by! Enjoy.

  2. Nice tutorial. I like the "wrap."

    1. Thanks for stopping in! That wrap is my favorite part. I hate it when things fall out :)

  3. This is so pretty!!! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo- Rachel @

    1. I love sharing! I just wish I was a little more prolific sometimes. Thanks for the linky!

  4. Very pretty, and a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing - and whoop whoop!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know you stopped by! I love to share--mainly because I love to get inspiration from everyone else!!

  5. this is sooo beautiful :)
    great post!
    thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks so much! They're so easy once I got the hang of it.


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