Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited to finally be getting this blog thing going.  I'm a great starter, but not-so-great a finisher.  When I first started back last July, I just couldn't remember to make the time to work on setting things up.  I wanted to start a blog for two reasons:  1. to help keep in touch with family--to keep track of the things we do in our family and as a family and share it with extended friends and family, and 2. to keep track of my projects--I am constantly working on something.  Usually it is crafty, sometimes its more industrial--like re-doing my bathroom.

This afternoon I just finished a subway art project that I was working on for a Young Women's activity.  I get to do Personal Progress activities the first week of each month.  This month the Sunday lessons focus on our relationship with our Father in heaven and his son, Jesus Christ.  Per the Curriculum Guide, I wanted to do an activity that highlighted our divine heritage.  Because we are righteous daughters of God, we are entitled to an amazing divine inheritance.  Details later, I'm just so pleased with the way this little project turned out.

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