Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daughters of God

Last night's activity went really well.  I was nervous because it felt like another lesson, but all the girls participated and got into it.  Here is a very rough outline of what we did.

I.     Pass out 2 sheets of paper and pen/cils.  Everyone writes their name vertically and uses those letters  to write words that describe themselves.  Help each other out and give suggetsions.
II.    Review what everyone wrote.  Are these things we can be proud of?
III.   Read this quote  Discuss. (This is not a quote from our church leaders, it is from a woman named Marianne Williamson)
IV.   In YW, we talk a lot about our Divine Nature & Spritiual Gifts.  Every single week we recite, "We are daughters of our Heavenly Father ..."  Because we are daughters of God, we can be heirs to an amazing divine inheritance.  Part of that divine inheritance we can tap into now, Spiritual Gifts.
V.    Another one of our YW values that ties in with this idea is Virtue.  Virtue = the gifts of character.  Pass out lists and discuss.
VI.   Read the story of Mark Eklund (found here:
VII.  Have the girls list each of their names and write down somehting they admire about each person, just as that math class did so long agol  Use the lists as guides and inspiration as necessary.
VIII.  To finish, have the girls again write their names vertically on the back of the first sheet and use the leters of their name as a guide for words and phrases hat describe what they want to BECOME--how they want others to see them.
IX.    Pass ourt quote cards.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will compile for each  of the girls and leaders what they wrote for each other.  I will print them up on nice paper to encourage them as keepsakes.  I will also be preparing a Monogram for each of them on burlap.  My inspiration for this  is:  For this monogram, I'm going to use their name, and some of the words that others used in their notes as well as words and phrases they used in their second name acrostic.  I'll post pictures when we're done!

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