Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adagio: Tender Mercies

I’m so excited to be starting a new week!  Last week was, well, kind of hectic.  Samantha did manage to get all of her make-up work turned in (barely), so tomorrow starts a fresh new semester for her.  Nicholas traversed the “game of life” {field trip} and half a week of subs.  Sarah managed to get an ear infection, but even that only managed to slow her down for about 3 hours before the meds kicked in.  Sometimes, I’m not sure how much I appreciate modern medicine :)  Rhett bought the sheet rock for our bathroom, so the next round begins … 

I got quite a bit of sewing done this week.  I began work on a baby quilt for one of my college roommates and a table topper for our kitchen table, finished Mom’s birthday present and started stitching on Sam’s memory quilt.  I almost completed crocheting a hat for my friend and neighbor going through chemotherapy—and found another one that I’m going to re-size this week to make for her.  Best of all, Sam and I got to go finish the week with a youth temple trip.  She did family names for two sisters in our ward and was pain free for about 3 hours thanks to the miracle of a priesthood blessing.  I wish it could have lasted longer, but she was so grateful to feel normal again for that short time.

A couple of weeks ago in Sunday School we were talking about tender mercies from the Lord.  It was one of those discussions that I only half listen to.  I probably have that section of verse (last half of 1 Nephi 1:20) marked in all my different scriptures for various reasons.  A couple of years ago Time Out For Women had this as their theme. I got to read about so many different interpretations and personal experiences during that year centering around tender mercies in the lives of other women.  That really helped me to be more grateful in my own life and the phrase has stuck with me since.  

Well, this time around, someone made a comment that completely struck me.  It was one of those things that has been a total thought-changer for me.  This brother said, basically, that he sees these tender mercies in his life as divine signatures.  Isn’t that such an eloquent turn of phrase?  I wish I could remember who said it.  I also wish I could put words and thoughts together so powerfully.  Not my gift (but that’s for another time.)

Tender mercies as divine signatures … Since then I have been trying to take special notice of these divine signatures and acknowledge them in my conversations and prayers.  I think that this extra helping of gratitude really has helped me to recognize my blessings and not focus on my family’s trials.  Here are some of the divine signatures I’ve noticed just this week:

  • Finding extra (unadvertised) grocery bargains following a prompting to go to a store I never go to
  • Visiting with friends helped me feel more focused when I returned home
  • Rhett’s time off allowed us to catch up on each other and focus on US
  • I get to stay home and not work.  In today’s world not only is that a rare choice, but it is even rarer that we can purposely survive on only one income.  I am so grateful that Rhett not only supports that choice, but has a job that makes it possible.  I can stay home with sick kids when needed and run all over creation for them when they’re not.
  • My kids are independent enough that I can escape for a short time when I feel the need—whether it is 15 or 20 minutes of reading, sewing, crocheting, or whatever.
  • Most of all, this week, seeing Samantha’s desire to attend the temple through the pain then being blessed with relief for a few short hours for her righteous desires and actions.

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