Sunday, March 15, 2020

PQ 11.6–Vibrant and Vivacious

This week marks the final Project Quilting challenge for the year. I needed a smaller project this time after two baby quilts for last two challenges.

I’ve been wanting a small pincushion to go next to my machine but I’ve been putting it off.  I’ve never made one and I have no idea why I was so intimidated.  Coming in at 3”x5”, it’s the perfect size to sit at the side if my machine.  And the colorful scrappiness makes me smile! It fills the bill for vibrant and vivacious for me.

Thanks Kim and Trish for another FUN and inspiring year if PQ!


  1. I've seen these little pocket-ed pin cushions around the internet. Yours turned out SEW cute!!

  2. This is so adorable! Love that there's a place for the clips - so important!


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