Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Bit of a Rough Start ...

This year has been a bit slow for me.  I'm still finishing the quilting on my One Word mini.  It's coming along and I love the direction it's taken; I just need to make more time to take the steps to finish it up.

I've also been slowly working on decorating the wall above my sewing table.  I used some gift certificates and my work discount to get supplies ... hopefully I'll finish his up soon, too.

February was my month to bee Queen for my hive in Stash Bee this year.  I asked for mostly scrappy trip blocks.  I'm loving everything that has been posted and can't wait to see what comes so I can decide how to finish it up.

Since I had the month "off" sewing for my bee, I made an extra block for one of my hive-mates from last year (and of course didn't take any pictures--oh, well!)  I was also asked to make an angel block for one of last month's queens.  Isn't this star a beauty?  Surprisingly simple, too.

Finally, I spent the last 3 weeks purging, organizing and cleaning.  I started with my bedroom and moved out to my sewing/crafting room.  I got just about all my crafting supplies out of every other room of the house, have 2 overflowing boxes ready to leave the house, and now have a handle on my projects still in-process.

With all the time cleaning and organizing, I was really feeling quite out of it.  I sat down this past weekend and threw together a baby quilt that'll be a store sample.  I also got my bee blocks done early.  It feels good =) Both came together fast and hopefully now I have the impetus to keep moving forward.

My One Monthly Goal for March is to finish my stained glass blocks.  I started these with my NewBees group early last year.  I got back one in the mail around Christmas and it reminded me that I need to get on that project.  Hopefully I have enough leftovers to make it into a full-sized quilt, rather than just the runner I had originally planned ... I guess that's something I've got to figure out while working on the blocks this month.

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  1. It's nice to see you back to blogging a bit. I look forward to seeing what else you are working on.

  2. I love all your projects. I sense a rapport with you. =) I'm interested to see what you are doing with those boxes. I think I need to back up a post and check.


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