Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Goal

I'm quite excited because Heidi over at Red Letter Quilts has started an off-shoot of ALOYF and she's calling it One Monthly Goal.  Last month she pointed me in the direction of Elm Street Quilts and her word-of-the-year linky.
I've been working on exactly what word I want and the project to go along with it.  Here is a preview ...

My goal for this month is to finish this mini so I can hang it as a daily reminder. (Linked up here as #19)

also linked up at Fabric Tuesday at A Quilt Story


  1. Looking forward to your 'word reveal'! You do great patchwork, cant wait to see!

  2. Choosing one word for a year would be tough! Mine would probably be something silly that I simply like the sound of, like susurrus or folderol, or something that has a cheerful vibe, like sprightly. I wait for your big word reveal!

  3. Your quilt looks so perfect and so gorgeous! I just love it and look forward to seeing more.


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