Thursday, July 30, 2015

July ALOYF Finish

This month I finished my Scrappy Churn Dash quilt top.  For some reason, this just wanted to frustrate me at every turn.

When I started, I thought everything was chain pieced and ready to go.  Then I cut apart all the HSTs for the corner units and lined everything up to piece the rows together.  After the first few, I realized that I needed to trim them.  So, I unpicked and started trimming.  Is it me, or does that step always seem to take forever ...?

Once everything was trimmed and the blocks were stitched, I laid them out on my floor for a couple of days to make sure I liked the placement.  I'm so happy I did that (and took a picture,) because I had to unpick rows twice when things got turned around during stitching and pressing.

Again, I had to do some unpicking when getting the black border on.  I had wanted to add a second border, but I just wasn't feeling the right vibe from any of the fabrics I auditioned and I was worried about messing it up and having to unpick yet again.

That said, I am really happy with the way this looks with the single black border.  I might have made it wider if I wasn't hoping for another border, but that's OK. It's done.  For now.  I just need to decide if I'll tackle the quilting myself or send it off ...

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  1. I hate it when it happens like that .. It happens to me a lot! It's really beautiful!

  2. I hate trimming down blocks. I prefer to cut them to the exact size.

    Your quilt is beautiful. Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

  3. I'm not a fan of the trimming either but many times it is so necessary. Nice finish.

  4. It looks finished with the black border. I think you made the right call to stop there.


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