Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Briefly ... a RAD Mom

 Sam sent me this from her snap chat ... a little bit of a stretch.  It was a chilly (4C) morning with a light drizzle that stopped a short time before the race actually started.

One of her friends was going to run it with her, but backed out.  Soooo, because I'm a good awesome mom and because I know she's been wanting to do this for a couple of years now ...

I agreed to walk the 5K with her.  We really booked it.  We walked this 4.55 mile course (yes, I know that's seriously more than 5K) in just over 50 minutes ... that's an 11-minute-mile.  Not running.  We're proud of that pace, especially since we ended up going about 1.5 miles further than we originally thought.

I was wearing 3 layers of tops and had dye on all 3 layers clear through to my skin.  It was fun, though.  The more you whooped it up at the dye stations, the more they threw/sprayed at you.  We tried setting our shirts before we washed them to keep as much of the color as possible.  The liquid gel dyes stand out the best.

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