Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Year of the Bee

This year I participated in 2 bees for myself and one with Sarah.  I really like the satisfaction of finishing these mini projects each month.  Even when I don't churn out a full-sized anything, I still feel accomplished =)

Stash Bee, Round 2
This year there were so many varied blocks!  I got my Random Bamboo blocks put together in March, but am just getting around to having it quilted.  It will be the first time I send something out to be long-arm quilted.  I'm really excited =)

3 in January (Random Bamboo), 2 in February (Polaroids), 2 in March (Simply Woven), 2 in April (Fractured), 2 in May (Road to Tennessee), 1 in June (Fire-inspired), 1 in July (Butterflies), 1in August (Warm/Cool Strips), 1 in September (Flying Geese) and 1 in October (Fractured Chevrons)

NewBees, Round 3
I started this with a friend who moved away many years ago.  This is my first go-round with her and we only started in July.  I try to do two blocks each month for this group.  I had December off.

Big pic: Sawtooth Stars in July, Christmas Blocks in August, Colorful Geometrics in September, Feathers in October and Scrappy Trips in November

Primary Bee (with Sarah)
I'm glad that we had the opportunity to work on this together.  I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it more than she did (especially towards the end), but she was a trooper and finished what she started.  I have a feeling that it will take us quite a while to get her to finish her top ...

Top Row: December '13, January '14, April (Somehow I didn't get pictures of February and March)
Middle Row:  May (Sarah's month), June, August (We didn't have to make one in July)
Bottom Row:  September, October and November


  1. Nice, nice. I hope to get the kids' Primary Bee quilts done soon too.

  2. It is funny how starting a new quilt can be daunting but joining a bee and making a quilt's worth of bee blocks is not so scary ...

  3. Looks like you really enjoy bees. There is just something enjoyable about making quilt friends online and watching each other's work.


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