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Around the World ... A Blog Hop

I'm a bit late, but here goes ... Thanks to Michele for the nomination!  This has certainly been an excercise for me.

4 Generations of Crafty Women
Sarah, Me, Grandma, Mom, & Sam
(With a bonus of Dad in the mirror)

A couple of weeks ago now, I got an early-morning e-mail from my friend Michele over at Quilts from My Crayon Box.  She asked if I wanted to participate in the Around the World blog hop.  It sounded like fun and I was super flattered that she though of me.  I've done a few blog hops (all quilting/sewing) and enjoyed them.

I've done 2 round robins with Michele and loved the growing experience.
Little did I know ...

I spent the morning researching about this blog hop.  I spent several hours reading posts and trying to track down that elusive first one.  Never did find it, but I really tried.  At first all the links I found were to quilting bloggers.  Makes sense.  That's where my passion lies.  But as I kept going back and back and reading and reading I found a whole other world of creative bloggers and artists.  I was blown away not only by their answers to the 4 questions but more importantly by their beautiful, thoughtful blogs.

Everyone who is tagged is asked to answer 4 questions about their creative process and then pass it on to 3 other folk. So, here we go ...

First, a little about me ... I'm a mom, a crafter, a quilter, a daughter, a substitute teacher, a volunteer and the list could go on.  I grew up just outside Washington, D.C. but settled on the west coast in beautiful Oregon.  I wish I was a farm wife; we lived on my husband's family farm in WA for 5 years, but we had to move to OR where my husband found work.  I love all things Italian--I studied the language in high school and college and still wish I was fluent.

1.  What am I working on?  I have several projects ongoing, but here is my sewing table as of this morning ...
1. Table Runner (sandwiched), 2. Sam's trek quilt (3/4 quilted), 3. Christmas Quilt (needs quilting), 4. ALOYF October (baby quilt), 5. Scrappy Churn Dash (ready to be pieced, leaders/enders project), 6. Bazaar Projects (cut, ready to be sewn), 7. Stash Bee October block, 8. Scraps waiting to be stored

Creatively, I'm working on clearing up some of my space and finishing projects that have been languishing as UFOs.  Over the summer I started systematically organizing my scraps and enjoy working on that when I get a free moment.  Having everything neat and organized not only helps me to be able to see what needs to be done, but also feel like I have the space to actually get working.

2.  How does my work differ from others in its genre?  I can't lay claim to any uniqueness ... some amazing new process, idea, shortcut or project.  I find that I glean inspiration from the blogs I follow regularly, antique quilts and art (mostly sculpture and architecture)--maybe that's the humanities major coming out.  I've only been quilting since 2012, so I love to experiment and try new things that I find.

Wouldn't this make an amazing quilting motif?
Assembly Hall, SLC

3.  Why do I create what I do?  I wish I could explain this better.  For so many years I tried to find my creative outlet, but it wasn't until I discovered the online quilting community and gave quilting a go that I found it.  Ultimately, I want to make my home a more beautiful, comfortable place.  Creating quilts for beds, table runners and smaller projects for decorating and other projects as gifts just makes me happy.  I love knowing that what I make is both used and appreciated.  I've learned that that is enough for me.

4.  How does my writing/creative process work?  I started by blog out of a desire to record.  I guess I thought of it as more of a journal at the time.  Although the quilting side has evolved and become more pronounced, I'm finding myself wanting to be more diverse and get back to a more journal-like focus.  I always feel like I'm writing and recording things for myself while hoping I can help/inspire someone else out there too.

I've found that for now I create mostly out of necessity ... I'm a member of 2 online quilting bees, so I'm forced create outside my comfort zone.  I also find I get things done best with a deadline--a contest, event or linky party give me that last little nudge to get those last few stitches done.

I guess my last thought here is that I find when I'm creating I open my mind to wander.  This for me is the most beautiful and beneficial part of crafting.  While my hands are busy, my mind can open, ponder and create connections.  I mean this not only physically and literally, but spiritually and emotionally.  For example, over the summer I made my Compass Rose quilt.  I started it as a possibility for the Sewvivor competition.  I got through the design and piecing thinking of the competition.  After it was pieced, I found out that one of my young women was expecting a baby boy.  I knew this quilt would be the perfect gift.  As I planned and executed the quilting process, my thought process shifted.  With each stitch, my thoughts turned to my many experiences with her and her family, my own experiences expecting each of my children, hopes and dreams for the future, scripture stories that point our lives back to Heavenly Father, and myriad ways we can point ourselves Home in every aspect of the word.  By the time I get to the end of any project, I find my thought process has shifted similarly.

As for my nominations ... (I'll update this post when they've posted, too.)
1.  Darth Mama ... This blog is hosted by my real-life friend Rebecca.  She is so funny in the way she sees life and writes about things!  The blog is mostly about her boys and their antics. I love her sense of humor and laugh every time she posts on facebook or her blog.  I so wish I had her innate sense of humor.

2.  Second Chances by Susan ... Another blog from a real-life friend.  This is who I want to be when I grow up =)  She is a published author, devoted mom and uber-talented seamstress.  She regularly wears dresses to church that she's upcycled and accessorized to perfection.  Her fashion sense is impeccable and she is a constant inspiration to me in many aspects of my life.

logo 5

3.  Wow Body Now ... Evin is my sister and an amazing all-around inspiration.  Fitness is her passion and her posts inspire and awe me.  She is a professional trainer and fitness instructor who truly practices what she preaches.  While I know I don't have the discipline to look like her, I do work out (a little more) and eat better thanks to her =)

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  1. It was great to learn more about you my friend and I totally expect to see your name on the list the next time I do a mini round robin.


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