Sunday, March 2, 2014

My March Master List ...

I've been noticing that I lose track of things I'm working on and get easily sidetracked, so I'm going to try a little on-line list making to help me focus.  When I made my annual goals post, I really wanted to keep track of things--and I need to do a little better.

This month, here is my priorities list ...

1.  Stash Bee.  Being Hive Mama for Hive #2 is really helping with this.  I check the blog and the Flickr group regularly to make sure my Hive-mates don't have any questions or issues.  Also, since I'm working with each month's Queen Bee behind the scenes, I get sneak peek which translates into a head start.

This month, Dana chose a block that is on my Someday List.  She wanted bold, bright colors for the strips (which is no problem with my stash) and light colored background fabric.  My go-to is Kona Snow or White, but I found a fun light gray that I decided to go with ... stretch myself a little =)  I was in the middle of a TON of chain piecing for SLSB (see below), so I fed it through in between other units so I wouldn't have to break the chain and it came together in about an hour.

2.  Primary Bee.  Sarah and I are a little behind on this one.  She made the block for February, but I'm late sending it off.  She doesn't like making the signature blocks, so that gets put off until I force the issue.  This morning I made her make one for Feb AND the one for March.

This month she's making a Bento Box for Sunshine.  I've always thought this block looked cool.  Can't wait to try it myself ... I thought we'd be using this tutorial, but the measurements are different from what I need and the numbers got too weird, so we'll just make it the "normal" pieced way.

3.  Costumes.  I'm still working on this project for Sarah's class.  I made her dress, but I still need to add ruffles.  I need to make two more of them without ruffles and then there are little things we need to mend and alter.  Have I mentioned how much I hate working with taffeta?

4.  ALOYF.  I'm doing super with this one too.  I just take bite-sized chunks.  This month I hope to finish piecing Rhett's Handsome quilt.

5.  SLSB.  This quilt along has been a great inspiration and the perfect kick-in-the-pants for me.  I love the design.  I love using my Blitzen scrap pile and I'm excited to try some new quilting on this top.

6.  Photo Challenge.  Not doing so great with this ... I printed out two different lists and I'll try to do better with it posted right by my desk.

7.  Spring Cleaning 365.  Not doing so great with the little daily challenges.  Haven't even been reading them to tell you the truth.  I may have to make a rule for myself that I don't do anything "fun" {read sewing} until I've done the challenge for the day.  They have had some great challenges, I'm just not that great about fitting them in.

8.  Swaps.  I'm trying to find a few swaps this year.  I finished two in February and I just signed up for round 2 of the Kate Spain Charm Swap @ Quilts From My Crayon Box.  I love the fabrics from Round 1 ... Now I just need to figure out what totally awesome quilt to make with them all.  I was thinking something with HSTs, but I've been making an awful lot of those lately ...  Got my fabrics, just need to cut them up =)

I also just signed up for this fun Vintage Recipe Swap at Butter & Buntings ...

9.  Misc. Projects.  I got a beautiful charm pack of Riley Blake's Twice as Nice from my Sew Sweet partner that I'm turning into Mason Jar Cozies.  I've also got a couple of minis that have been on my ToQuilt ... pile for a while now.  I've also recently collected a pile of 15 or so 30's reproduction prints that I'm in love with ... I'm playing with possible projects for those in my head right now, too.

Most of this is what I do in my escape time.  In real life, family comes first.  Subbing, dinners, doctor appointments, homework and extra-curricular activities trump most of my time and energy.  Not that I don't enjoy some of it.  I'm looking forward to Sarah's Battle of the Books Regional competition next Saturday which also happens to be Nicholas's birthday and Stake Conference weekend.  In theory, Samantha can get her drivers license by the end of the month after she finishes up drivers ed.  I have a bulletin board at the elementary school that is in desperate need of an update and I'm sure there are two or three things waiting in the wings that I just can't seem to remember right now =)

Here's to a wonderful month of March!


  1. It is all about keeping track with my lists too. It is how I get the most done. Good luck with your list and hopefully a bunch of finishes.

  2. Wow what a list! I suppose if I made a list it would read something similar, things to do, not enough time ;) Good luck on all your goals. I hope you make progress on them. And don't sweat the sewing stuff, family does come first. And are you in PTO's? I have been debating joining for my kiddo, but not sure if I have the time to fit that in too. LOL.

    Love seeing your progress. And I need to do my March stash bee block - love yours!!!


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