Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Round-up

Once again its time to look back over the year and {hopefully} surprise myself a little.  It has been another growing year for me in many ways.  Enjoy the pictures and a little reflection and introspection ...

1.  Sarah's Ruffle Quilt--I love this finish.  Probably even more because SHE loves it.  Samantha picked out the fabrics for her and I followed along with a quilt along that didn't really happen.  It was the most difficult finish to date.  I learned about working with foundations, working through disappointment and quilting without catching those confounded ruffles.

2.  Quilt U Be Mine--This actually started in late 2012 and I still haven't quilted it yet.  I enjoyed the challenge of making my own style and creative vision mesh with the women I worked with each month.

3.  Bags!!--I made a lot of these this year.  Most I never blogged about because it was all I could do to get them done.  I have a mental block when it comes to starting one, but once I get going I can work through for hours until it is done.  My first project for the year was a sewing kit--and it turned out so darling, but I lost it and that derailed me for at least 3 weeks.  I really was sort of devastated over the silly thing.  I also made the Barbados bag from Comma fabric and I carry it with me everywhere I go--but did I ever write about it--NO.  I also made the cutest little Halloween bags from a SMS tutorial.

4.  Mug Rugs--I got to play with these for the April Showers blog hop.  This was my first attempt at trapunto--hate the process, love the results.  It was also my first attempt at free motion applique.  These little things are the perfect size for practicing my FMQ.

5.  Stash Bee--I made 8 blocks before the first round ended in August.  I learned so much from this experience.  I blogged about that here.

6.  Summer Top 10--More or less a success.  I would definitely do it again.  I did 6 of the ten things on my list.  I think I'll probably focus more on being outdoors next summer than on sewing projects.

7.  Girl's Camp--Every year I send "mail" to Sam at Girl's Camp.  I try to make a little something for every day.  Making a pillowcase that goes along with the theme is a tradition.  This year, the Stake Girls were the Miners and all the girls' groups were different jewels.  I went with this design, quilted with gold thread; the back is plain white and Sam has everyone sign this rather than her t-shirt.

8.  Christmas in August--I love this advent calendar.  The tutorial was detailed and easy to follow and the Blitzen fabric just makes me smile.  Once I fixed all the numbers, it was a matter of patiently sewing them all down.  For me, that was hard.  I chose this project as a way to learn to machine applique. I would have done better with a larger design, but now I'm very comfortable with small twists and turns.  I also used two layers of very thick poly batting.  For this project, it makes the pockets pop and it is a great look.

9.  My First Swap--I never seem to know where to find groups or happen upon sign-ups, so I was excited at this opportunity.  The only requirement was to make one item for your secret sister.  I had a hard time giving this one away.  I'm not big on hexies myself, but I love how this turned out.  I also enjoyed my squishy package of goodies (below.)  Thanks, Laurel!


10.  MMMRR--My second round robin and definitely more challenging.  I love how mine turned out!

11.  Favorite Things Party--I was invited to one of these in early December and it was fun.  We were given a  $5 price limit, but I went to my stash and made reversible market bags.  The ladies who ended up with them liked them and I had a small project distraction.

This year was so full in other ways, too.  I re-certified as a teacher, changed jobs and drove across country.  I also drove to more doctor's appointments than I can count on fingers and toes, put up a handful of bulletin boards at my kids' schools, and changed callings at church (YW counselor to Stake Primary counselor).  I've renewed my interest in essential oils, did a little crocheting and quite a bit of home (re)organization.  All in all, a very good year.  I've been so blessed.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. Good for you. I loved seeing all that you accomplished this year and truly hope that 2014 is a better year for you.


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