Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Quick Reality Check

Thanks to everyone stopping by the last couple of days for the SMS Giveaway day.  If you're looking for that post, it is here.  The giveaway closes Friday, December 13 at 5pm.

When I woke up this morning, I had a lot on my to-do list.  Mail Christmas packages, wrap the kids' gifts, finish Rhett's ...

Anyway, here is what my sewing area looks like.  I guess its time for a little housekeeping here.

1.  My Stash Bee blocks from my month (June).  All trimmed up and in the middle of adding the sashing.  You can just see those strips peeking out from under #3.  I'm excited to get this top done, but it keeps getting pushed back.

2.  The stripes here are the backing fabric for Samantha's trek quilt.  It's been basted and marked for over a year now.  I thought that rolling it up and putting it on my sewing table might motivate me to actually work on it :)

3.  There are 3 blocks here that I made for my tutorial for my next Stash Bee block.  I get to be a Hive Mama next year (yippee!) so I need to have my tutorial post ready to go for January.  Finished the sewing this morning ... just need to put the finishing touches on  the blog post.

4.  These are my charm squares from the Kate Spain Swap.  I think I know basically what I'm going to do with them now that I've been staring at them for a couple of weeks.

5.  I stopped by my LQS this week to pick up the Kona Snow I need for #4.  While there I also bought some black quilter's linen and fat quarters for my stash :)

6. This is part of my order from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I'm going to be using some variation of these solids for the Kona Solids Hop (I'll be posting my project for that on January 16!)

7.  Under the rulers are the fabrics and half-finished square that Sarah is working on for her second bee block.

8.  This is the other half of my FQS order.  It includes yardage for my Salt Air Diamonds quilt that I dream of making someday.  There is also some beautiful Bake Shop fabric that I ordered for fun.

9.  Finally is my Christmas project for hubby.  He has asked me to make a quilt for him (not necessarily for Christmas, thank goodness.)  I'm working on that (the yardage for that is just outside the picture by the surge protector.)  In the meantime, I'm making him something to hold him over until I get that done.  I have some machine applique and quilting left for that project.  Here's a link to the free pattern if anyone is interested.

Hope you are all enjoying December.  My kids certainly are--they've missed the last 4 days of school due to snow.  Well, I'm off to spend some unexpected extra time with them!

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  1. Wow! You certainly had a lot of projects! Sometimes my sewing area looks like that - I'm never sure that makes me happy, because I have so much fabric and goodness there - or sad because I have so much going on. LOL


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