Sunday, December 24, 2017

Still in Process ...

This was going to be my big finish post for the year, but I'm still not quite there.  Here are some progress photos.

Late in the summer my sisters and I decided to collaborate on a gift for my mom for Christmas.  

We settled on a handprint quilt.  Everyone traced the dominant (writing) hand for each member of their family.  My Samantha even fibbed to get Mom, Dad and Grandma's hands without revealing the project.

It took a little longer than I hoped to really get going.  I couldn't finalize the layout or size until I got those last few hands ...

I spent one afternoon at swim practice putting the layers together.

Several mornings of quilting hands.

Continued evenings of echo quilting ...

I'm almost done, but didn't quite make it in time.

More pictures are on my instagram account ( . I posted them there because I know my mom doesn't (well, didn't) follow me there.  This finish will be headed home with Samantha, but in the meantime ...

As per my usual, this project has ended up being a bit bigger than originally thought.  But I want Mom to know that this labor of love has deeply touched me.  As I've spent time with each hand and the quilting has fallen into place (not as originally planned,) I've felt the influence not only of the hands on the tree, but the roots, too.  Pondering and remembering, even allowing myself to let go and trusting myself do make the pictures in my head come to life.  Something I'm not really good at, but I am learning.

My mom has truly been one of the biggest influences in my life.  She introduced me to crafting and handwork.  Mom leads by example.  She is the my rock, my guide, my moral compass, my biggest supporter.  Her testimony and ability to see everything in the simplest possible terms remind me to keep focused on things that matter most.

Sorry this will be a little late, Mom.  I love you!


  1. You always do such a beautiful job with your quilts! What a nice tribute to your mom!

  2. What an incredible quilt! It looks amazing and the heart behind it is as well.

  3. What a lovely idea for a gift for a family member!


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