Sunday, June 4, 2017

June OMG Goal

I've been really out of touch for the last couple of months.  I'll hopefully work on getting caught up over the next little while,
but for now I've really been struggling just to get back into some kind of regular routine.

Mid-April we were blindsided by a family tragedy.  The ensuing days and weeks were spent in the hospital and driving back and forth to Washington.  Needless to say, very little of any kind of sewing happened for me.  All projects at home were put away and sidelined.

Since returning to my "real" life, I've been struggling to make forward progress with much of anything.  I have had quite a time even deciding which project to tackle for this month's goal.

I finally settled on finishing the top from the Summer Solstice quilt along with Happy Quilting last summer.  I was doing so well until it came to the Drunkard's Path units.  Yeah, turns out I really don't like those curves.  All the pre-cut pieces have been languishing in a basket next to my sewing table.

But I DO love the scrappiness.  I chose to make a baby-sized quilt, and really all I have left are 1/2 of the DP units to piece before I can assemble the blocks and the rest of the top.  Sooo, this month's goal is just that ... to finish all the units for this top, then assemble the top.

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  1. Good luck with your OMG. I hope the curves go smoothly for you! :) <3 I love the scrappiness you've got going. And the summer solstice pattern looks interesting. I might try it out this summer. I'm usually a bit behind, but I like going at my own pace. Enjoy the journey, right? I hope that your life gets into a routine soon. Peace be with you, Heather.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about all you have had to deal with over the last couple of months. I hope there is a turn around for the better. It is hard to sew at times when there is so much going on but you will find your way again. The progress you have made so far is beautiful.

  3. I love the scrappy-ness of your Summer Solstice! I made the baby quilt size too and the curves were definitely what took the longest!

  4. Great scrappy block. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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