Sunday, March 19, 2017

Project Quilting: Time is Up!

And JUST before Time is (Really) Up ... I bring you my version:

The final challenge for this latest season of Project Quilting (season 8, challenge 6) is "Time Is Up!"  I must say, this finish isn't at all what I started out to do ...
When I first read the challenge, I immediately thought of twilight--the end of the day--and the amazing sunsets we often get here in the beautiful Willamette Valley.  I wanted to draw from my stash of purple, coral and pink solids.  I started with the idea of improv curves to make a  horizon line.

When I went to my stash to start pulling, I kept pulling out batiks.  I'm not a big batik fan, but I have a few.  As I stacked them together to the side, I realized that they reminded me of vacation beaches and ocean colors.  That got me to thinking "back to life" at the end of a vacation.

When I started to put the strips together I realized that I wanted to use a traditional compass design to point the way home, rather than a clock to signal that vacation time is up.  "Back to Reality" is a nod to my love of childhood beach vacations, and a more current interests in compass designs and symbolism.  If I had a little more time, I would've filled in the "shadow" portions of the compass (and I may still decide to do that), but I do like the way it looks "empty" right now, too.

It finished at 40" x 49".
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  1. gorgeous! I love the colors - I love the quilting! Great work!


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