Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Madness

So, last month I had a couple of fun distractions ...

After the Pulse shooting, one of my Facebook groups got together to make heart blocks.  Diane Bohn designed the Love is Made of Hearts quilt and gave it for free ... more work that I would usually put in, but it was a great experience.
 One of my quilting goals for this year is to become more proficient in paper foundation piecing.  It is a v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. process for me.  Oh, well.

Also, one of my young women from back when I was a leader got engaged.  Her mom asked me to help make little gifts for her bridesmaids.

Our first idea samples ...
My Vintage Farm Girl block version and Sarah's color blocks for a birthday gift.
I started with a tutorial from Bee in My Bonnet ... adjusted the design to be more color-blocky, and we went to town making 8 cute little purses, and one bigger one that incorporated elements from the others into one.

Also, we got an awesome gift from my littlest sister.  She custom made t-shirts from fun new Disco Girl fabric ... in exchange for pictures.  Easy and fun, huh?!  Lindsay is super-talented and the shirts are amazing.  No more wondering what I'm wearing on my day off anomore =)

Nicholas is upset that there are smooches on the back of his shirt ...

On the non-sewing front, it was the end of school this month so there were a few fun goings-on.  Sarah was selected to share a poem she wrote at the annual 7th Grade Poetry Slam.  She did an amazing job with her poem and her performance. (Forgive my mommy phone videography.)

(I also found out that Nicholas was selected for this when he was in 7th grade, but didn't tell anyone ... oh, well.)

Nicholas left for his long-awaited London/Paris trip shortly after school let out and will be back on July 4th ... he's been totally incommunicado, so I can't wait to see his pictures and videos when he gets home.  Thank goodness for his awesome teachers who regularly post updates to our travel group so I know he's still full of sass!

(It was either this picture or the
not-so-g-rated version of French commercialism...)

Finally, Sarah went on her trek this past week.  Of course, I don't have any pics since I wasn't there and they weren't allowed any modern electronics ...  So here are a couple more pics of the kids having fun in their shirts.

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