Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome 2015!

This year is off to a bit of a slow start for me, but I'm rarin' to go!  Looking back at my goals for last year, I did pretty well, but I do need to move a couple of them forward ...

Sewing Projects:
1.  Bees--Yes, I am a WorkerBee =)  Once again I'm a Hive Mama in Stash Bee (#7 this year).  I also joined my friend Jessica for her NewBees Round 3 that will finish off mid-year.  My month is March, and I know what we're doing ...  This is the Hunter's Star block I requested for Stash Bee in January:

My Stash Bee 2015 Block Request

2.  ALOYF--I'm so up for another year of finishes.  And this year I want to focus on finishes--either finished tops or quilted and bound tops.  At the moment, I have 3 sandwiches rolled up on my desk, one quilt on the back of my couch waiting to get sent out for quilting and one top that is part-way through piecing on my side table.  I don't even want to think about what's in my bins ...

January Goal--Quilt & bind

3.  UFO Project/Civil War Melodies Quilt--One of my new Hive members for Stash Bee does a monthly check-in called a UFO Parade.  She has us go through our UFOs and put 12 in ziploc bags and number them, then she pulls a random number each month and that is the bag we finish up.  Since my BOM was already in monthly bags, I decided to combine these two projects.  This month was #2:

4.  I'd also like to keep myself open to a very small handful of blog hops and swaps for this year.  I know those opportunities come along when I'm usually least ready for them.  Here is my first one for this year:

 photo 1845155d-68df-4fec-8451-3f160e245767_zps793885c9.jpg

5.  Bloggers Quilt Festival (May & November)--Last year I only made it to the second one.  This year I'm really trying for both.

Personal Projects:
1.  Latter-day Light--This is a daily e-mail that is sent out with a daily scripture and quote from the prophets.  But what I really like are the links to daily reading.  If you follow them, this year you will finish both the New Testament and Book of Mormon in full by the end of the year.  They make it so easy, how can I not ...

2.  Menus and Cooking--This is something I used to really enjoy, but the last couple of years its become quit a drudgery.  I really want to re-focus my attention and find that enjoyment again.

Along with all the normal day-to-day things I think this is a more-than-ambitious list =)  I still sub regularly and want to keep my options open for a "real" job when the right opportunity presents itself.  My 3 kids continue to be active and #1 has some big life changes this year.


  1. Best of luck with your goals for this year.

  2. I mailed your hive 7 blocks last week so watch for them (Deana).

  3. I lost my cooking mojo lately too! I was such a keen and experimental cook for so long. If anyone has seen my culinary mojo, please bring it back.

  4. I've finally begun to organize my 30yr collection of cookbooks & clippings! Too much time spent searching for my recipes the last few years, so I often just throw things together instead of planning. Then, when an improv meal is good, I write down what I did and the date. The new recipe is haphazardly thrown in with the others....
    Finally, I have a plan to regain control!


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