Friday, May 30, 2014

My May Master List

I had one of these all ready to go for May, but apparently I got sidetracked early in the month and never got back to it ... so here is a recap of my April/May projects.

And because this is my current favorite picture, you get Samantha and Mom ready for prom, which was a huge project at our house.

As for my ongoing goals ...
1.  Stash Bee.  Being Hive Mama has really helped me keep up-to-date with this.  Here are my blocks from April and May.



2.  Primary Bee.  Sarah and I got a little behind on this one, but May was her month to be Queen (here is her tutorial), so we're all caught up.  Apparently I didn't take pics of the blocks for February and March (boo!!) but here is April's block.  She was so proud of this--she did it all by herself start to finish.  I didn't even realize until it was going in the envelope that she reversed the outside layers.  Oh, well.

3.  ALOYF.  I didn't even get close to done on Sam's quilt in April, but I did make progress.  In May I finished my goal and blogged about it here.

4.  Costumes/Play.  Sarah's play was on May 1st and it was awesome!  Those 5th graders took it so seriously and did a great job.  That last 10 days to two weeks was super busy sewing, though.  I had one dress, one skirt, one belt and a bunch of last-minute fixes.

This picture was really dark, but you get the idea.  I can't show too many pics, because I don't have permissions, but here is Sarah and the princesses from a dress rehearsal.

5.  Modern Traditional Challenge.  I completed my entry for this and got it entered.  There were so many awesome entries!  I think mine was too traditional for this competition, but I really like how it turned out.  One of these days I'm going to take the binding off and re-bind, though. (blogged here)

6.  Swaps & Misc. Projects.  I haven't entered any swaps for the last couple of months because I know I couldn't give any more time to them.  My super big project was hemming/altering 3 prom dresses.  They turned out fabulous!  I was super nervous doing these because I don't have a serger and I've never really worked on other people's {expensive} clothing.  I hemmed 3 layers (lining, dress, and sheer overlay  on 2 dresses, took off a train, and added one side inset for a zipper that was too small.)

 Samantha and Jessica spent several hours doing hair and make-up =)  Jessica's grandpa chauffeured the group in his sweet antique car.

Samantha and Erica with their dates (check out their shoes ...)  The gray dress is the one I took the train off of. The hems on these two dresses were totally done by hand.  ACK!

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