Friday, April 4, 2014

It does happen ...

I sent in my charm swap package complete with charms and self-addressed-stamped-envelope.  Then ... A couple of days ago, Rhett was sorting out the mail and this was at the bottom of his pile:
I couldn't believe it.  My charms that I had secured in a re-used ziploc baggie.  (It had my address on it because a bee block had been sent to me in it.  I figured it would make it easier to return my charms to me when that time came.)  I had mailed them a week ago and assumed that they'd already gotten to their destination.  I quickly e-mailed the intended recipient to let her know what happened and that I would re-send.

She returned with an e-mail saying that she had gotten the two envelopes last week.  The original packaging contained my self-addressed stamped envelope and was perfectly sealed.  Somehow my little packet of charms escaped and decided to find their way home ...  Too bad for them that I really want to trade up =)

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  1. This was definitely one strange incident! I'm betting the resent charm envelope will have so much tape on it that I won't be able to get it open. And the post office should definitely refund you the original postage. I'll send the original envelope back to you so that you can kick some postal person's arse.


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