Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ALOYF April Goal--Sam's Trek Quilt

This one I've been putting off not just since January, but for about two years now.  This month I'm going to tackle the first quilt I designed and executed--before I had a clue about what I was doing.

Back in 2010, Samantha went on her Trek.  This is a week-long mini re-creation that commemorates the Mormon Pioneers and their journey from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The pioneers traversed almost 1300 miles, averaging 15 or so miles per day, our kids did about 20 miles over 4-1/2 days.  What a wonderful way to both commemorate and honor our pioneer heritage.

photo courtesy of http://thefurtrapper.com/home/handcart-company/

One of the most difficult and memorable parts of the trek was Rocky Ridge. (Here is a link with historical accounts of the actual location and trials endured by the original pioneers.)  While this particular hill was only a small piece of what the original trail was, it leaves a lasting impression on the youth.  After the trek, they had a fireside and someone showed a picture looking upward from the start of the steep rise they dubbed Rocky Ridge.  That picture made an impression on me and in the days following I found myself sketching it over and over.  Once Samantha walked by and wanted to know why I was drawing Rocky Ridge and an idea started to form.

I made the dresses, apron, bonnets and pantaloons for Samantha to wear on her trek.  With the leftover fabrics and a few more that she helped me pick out, I wanted to make an image of RR using 2-inch squares.  Its definitely primitive, but I still love the way it has turned out so far.  Two years ago now, I marked the handcart at the base and the scene on the horizon.

I want her to be able to concretely relate to the hours of love that went into every aspect of creation.  To feel how much both she and I have grown in so many different ways over the last 4 years.  I want her to carry with her a small reminder of my testimony and my love and appreciation for my pioneer heritage and the religion that is a part of their legacy to us.

My own insecurities and perfectionistic tendencies have kept me from embracing and enjoying the end of the process.  This month is Sam's birthday.  She'll be 17.  She does not appreciate my quilting hobby or very much of her mother right now.  But over and over again she asks me when her quilt is going to be done.  So this month, I hope to finish quilting it for her.

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  1. That is an amazing creation - it looks so much like the photograph. That is a wonderful way to share your testimony and she'll appreciate it in the years to come, even though she may not realize it right now. I love your creativity.

  2. Such a great story and lots of good sewing mojo coming your way to help you accomplish this long awaited goal.


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