Monday, November 11, 2013

A Working Vacation

Here is part 2 of Helping-My-Parents-Move.  The house was put on the market the first weekend in August, and only took about 8 seconds to sell.

I got to fly out and finish packing and preparing for the movers that came at the end of the month.  Packing up 38 years of life and Dad's artwork meant boxes were everywhere.  If it weren't for my beautiful #4 sister, it would have been a lot more intense. (Check her out here.)  As it was, most of the heavy lifting (haha) was already done.  The living room was floor to cieling boxes; they were under the back porch and in every possible nook and cranny.


The attic was empty and dad's archives were already packed up by the time I got there.  I did get to help empty two storage units and clean the house on the way out.  It was certainly bittersweet.  It was a difficult final evening in an empty house that holds the memories of mine and my sisters' childhoods.

Then began drive across country with two turtles, one iguana and a parakeet.  It was an adventure I will certainly remember for a long time :)  My mom's car was so easy to drive--we pushed through faster than originally planned for two reasons.  First the animals were basically stuck in the car and we didn't want to leave them in there any longer than necessary.  Second, Fast Sunday was coming up and we wanted to be in Church to feel the added strength in our fast for Samantha and her upcoming treatment.  We made it to Magna late Saturday evening--woohoo!!

The final bonus to this trip was that my great-grandma's piano was delivered to my house.  This is the piano that I practiced on for 7 years before I convinced my mom it was time to quit--a decision I rue to this day :)   I'm still working on deep cleaning it then getting it tuned.  I also can't wait to make some quilted runners for the top.


  1. I know that was a bittersweet trip, but it was so great to see you. We are trying to figure out how to get our piano to Denise in MI - it was the piano I used to play on when I took lesson in elementary school. Thanks for sharing some last memories from the Heath homestead.

    1. Uhaul is what we used to get it from UT to OR--just make sure you have straps. We used the smallest size with a ramp built in--a definite must. Also, Jerry put large castors on the bottom so that it rolled really well. Good luck with that!


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