Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some Halloween Spirit!

I've been meaning to get back into the swing of things for several weeks now ... I'm still working on it, but I had the perfect inspiration in the CSI challenge this week:  Pinterest-Inspired Projects.  I'm not really good about decorating for holidays, but I was reminded by my kids how much they enjoy it--at least a little.  Usually I'm lucky if I remember to change my bear's clothes:

ANYWAY ... I've always been intrigued by the popularity of buntings.  I've seen the no-sew, the paper, the fabric, the traditional triangle and many more.  Here are my two Pin-spirations this week:

I love my fireplace, but it often just sits there.  We moved it over the summer, and it was still a junk pile from that process.  I pulled out our bins of Halloween decorations and had some fun.

For the buntings, I started with jute string.  For the top one I just tied strips of fabric randomly all along the string.  For the bottom one, I chain-stitched the strips onto the string.

 First I folded over about 1/2" at the top and folded it over the jute.
 Then I slid it up as close to the last strip as I could get and held down the bottom edge of the fold.
 Finally stitch just below the string using a zipper foot.  This creates a casing that allows the strips to slide along the string.  I back-stitched at the beginning of the first string and the end of the last one.

I really enjoyed these super-quick projects.  Hope you do too!

Yay! I made the cut this week.  Thanks, Emma, for the honor!

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