Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MMMRR Reveal

At the last minute, back in January, I decided to join in the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin hosted by the amazing Michele at Quilts From my Crayon Box.  I was going to pass, but couldn't quite do it :)

Here is my original center block.
I love the Joel Dewberry florals and the Courtyard Garden block.  I was super excited when I mailed it out and I was NOT disappointed!  While I waited for this beauty to come home, here are some pics of what I worked on to keep my mind distracted:

Month 1
I love this paper pieced star--it was even one of the blocks I though of using as my center block.  I didn't have any Vintage Modern hanging around my scrap pile, so I pulled out some Marmalade and I love how it worked.  I also did the gray mitered corner border (with mixed success.)

Month 2
The theme for this one was seasons and holidays.  I'm not big on novelty fabric--I don't think I've ever bought any, so I went with the spring theme and butterflies from Lori Holt's row along.  I think they turned out darling.  I used scraps from some of my favorite projects over the last year.

Month 3
I think this is the one that gave me the most anxiety.  I love the blue and green in the center block, but I had almost none in my stash.  I wanted to pull out the original colors from the center block, so I spent several days agonizing over color variations.  I ended up going back to the row along  for the star design that looked like small saw teeth to me.

Month 4
This is the most visually stunning one I got to work on.  I've never done any color wheel projects, but now I'm sorely tempted.  I went through my scraps and pulled out every color variation I could find.  I tried to make it look like the colors were swirling out from the center block.

Month 5
I love the bright cheerful colors that made up the added borders on this one.  The applique border was beautiful.  Way beyond my abilities.  I just added a blocky border that felt more like a final frame to me.
Month 6 (Home to Mama!)
The suspense really built as I waited for my garden to return home--partly because I finished my border early in the month and partially because mine was coming from the Yukon, so the mail took its sweet time.  I was so nervous looking back at the beauties I'd worked on.

I was in tears when I opened up that package ...
 Isn't it gorgeous!  THANK YOU to
Kim for the amazing triangle border.  I love the art deco feel!
Karyn for letting it "rest" and not trying to match exactly.  Your choices were perfect!
Kathy for that simple, yet subtle low volume border.  I love the soft playfulness!
Julianne for the piano keys.  I love the scrappy and the feel of pulling out from the center!
Janet for the checkerboard.  I love what the yellows add to that final border!
I am blown away by the thought and creativity that came together to make my mini amazing.
Thanks so much to Michele for organizing the fun--I would definitely do this again!


  1. Very, very cool and I'm so glad you enjoyed all of it. Yes I'll definitely host another in the future sometime, probably early next year. Keep watching for the announcement.

  2. How much fun! I love that center block and the rest of the ladies did a great job with it! Thanks for participating with us :o)

  3. this one is awesome, wish I worked on it

  4. Another wonderful quilt. Your center starting block is really a great design.

  5. OH I had so much fun working on your quilt! Love the addition and concept behind your addition to mine :)

  6. Your quilt is a beauty! I agonized over my addition but I was pleased with it in the end.


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