Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another day, another ...

These last couple of weeks were pretty busy.  I had all three kids home on multiple, different days.  Mercifully they didn't share it with me :)  All that time did give me a chance to work on a project I've had in mind for a few weeks now.  This is one of the blocks I'm doing for a strip quilt ... if all goes well, I should be able to share a finished product in a coupla weeks.

Last Saturday I got to be the coach for the Battle of the Books team from Guy Lee Elementary that went to the regional competition.  I was asked by their real coach to fill in because of other responsibilities and I was thrilled to do it!  I love those kids!  They are awesome readers and super nice kids to boot.  No pics, since none of mine were there, but they did a super-fantastic job!  They had a really strong team and did their school (and me, and their families) proud!

These are the Churn Dash blocks that I did for the Stash bee this month.  They were fast to put together and I LOVE how they turned out.  I used some of my own favorite recently-used combos.

Finally, last but not least ... here is the sneak peak for my March additions to the MMMRR.  This person wanted rows that were holiday or season related.  With spring coming on in march, I found inspiration here.

I've got a couple of other things in the works, but the weather here is beautiful, so I think I will be shifting my emphasis to out-of-doors projects.  I'll only be sewing on my evenings when I'm not working and playing catch-up on inside chores ...


  1. Can't wait to see your string blocks start coming together. Your fabric for the first block has me in Love with it already ;0)

  2. Glad the kidlets kept the germies to themselves. Can't wait to see the MMMRR at the reveal.

    1. Strings and things and Churn Dash Blocks.... makes me smile :) Mommas don't have time to be sick. Glad you were able to not catch it. I had to watch my granddaughter while she was sick. God spared me too!

  3. Your Stash Bee blocks look fantastic! Did they make you want to start your own churn dash quilt? I have to confess they made me start one;)


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