Saturday, March 7, 2020

PQ 11.5–Give It Away!

This week’s challenge from Kim at Project Quilting was a timely one. In the week before it was  given, I read this post from Melissa at Happy Quilting. I was, of course, charmed by the quilts in her new book but even more than that by the quilt drive for babies. 

Once again, I briefly set aside the wedding quilt in order to pull together a larger-than-planned side project for PQ.  Inspired by one of Melissa Corry’s quilts, I adapted this to fit the size requirements for Little Lou Quilts and that is where this darling little quilt is headed.

Thanks, Melissa for the inspiration and Kim for the nudge!

This cutie finishes at just over 40”. The center is made from leftover charms from a Young Women’s project. 


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