Friday, June 3, 2016

June's One Monthly Goal

This month is going to be a crazy one.  School gets out, Nicholas goes on his trip, and Sarah goes on the Trek.  All of this back-to-back making my calendar seem crazy before I even get there.  So many last-minute things to get ready for these activities as well as the normal end-of-school craziness to work around.

I've had a bit of trouble this month deciding where to put my sewing focus.  Now that I'm to the point of putting the Log Cabin Tree of Life together for Sarah, I'm super excited continue with that project.  I also need to finish the Bear Tracks for Nicholas and the border quilting for Samantha's trek quilt from 6 years ago.

I have my pile of log cabin blocks, a couple of piles of bear paw blocks and Samantha's quilt all together and every time I look at them, I'm torn.

I think I'll make finishing the log cabin tree top my goal this month.  Between sewing the blocks together and adding a border (that I still haven't totally decided on ...) It'll keep me busy.  I still have quite a few blocks to finish for the bear paws and I will use those as leaders and enders in between connecting the log cabin blocks.  I'll begin marking the border design I want to do on Sam's quilt when I need a break from sewing.  This way I'll move forward on all three projects.

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