Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Ornament Exchange

This year I participated in an ornament exhcange sponsored by Madam Samm.  I was watching for the post to link up, but apparently I missed that.  So, sorry I'm late ...
I was paired up with Abi and I had fun checking out her blog and pinterest pages.  We had a lot in common =)  She's a much more regular blogger than I am, but we do share several hobbies.

I noticed that we had a couple of shared pins on pinterest and she made me one of those!  I love these ornaments.

Cathedral window quilts are some of my favorites and this variation reminds me of a poinsettia.  Abi also sent me a sweet card and some {very} small EPP kits.  I feel so spoiled.  Thanks so much!

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  1. I have seen some beautiful ornaments posted in blogs this year, including these. It makes me inspired to make my own, but as we were travelling and didn't even put a tree up this year ...


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