Saturday, August 8, 2015

Follow the Virtuous Road

Yesterday I picked up Sarah from Girl's Camp.  This was her first year and I was so excited to make her little gifts each day.  (Our Stake has a volunteer who collects "mail" and delivers it each day; the only restriction is that whatever we send has to fit inside a manila mailer.)

The theme for camp this year was "Follow the Virtuous Road" with the Wizard of Oz.  Our stake keeps the theme a secret from the girls until they get there, but I have a little birdie who tells me what the theme is and what group she's in--the Munchkins--so I can coordinate her gifts and notes.  I started all this when Sam started going to Girl's Camp, so she was looking forward to helping me get everything ready for Sarah, too.

Tuesday was the first day to send up mail.  The little emergency pack had cute band-aids and some Burt's Bees inside.  I used this tutorial to make it--it is a great little scrap-busting project.  Doesn't that fabric look kind-of like Dorothy's basket?  When Sarah was checking in to camp, the stake girls had her get out of the car and sing the Lollipop Guild song, so I thought a big lollipop would be fun for her treat =)

Wednesday was the day I sent up the pillowcase.  I used the quote from Glinda, "You've always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."  Isn't that life?  The pillowcase represents our journey; the green candies are the Emerald City at journey's end.  I free-handed the applique design and did a simple brick FMQ.

I came up with this alternative to signing their t-shirt so they can remember each year whenever they use the pillowcase and still wear the t-shirt normally.

Thursday was the final day, sort of an "Over the Rainbow" hodge-podge.  I made her a headband that sort-of looked like the turban the guard at Emerald City wore in the movie.  I used this tutorial.  It is super-simple to make, but you really have to pay attention to how you put it on, it's easy to "lose" the twist.  I also included a charm bracelet that she can add to over time.  I bought it from Danny's etsy shop.  I picked the compass and her birthstone (garnet) because it looked like a ruby for the Oz theme.  Plus I love the symbolism of the compass (as I've mentioned a few times before =)  That little pouch I picked up in the $1 section at Michaels--Sarah always had something to say about everything ...


  1. What a cool thing to do! I'm filing this away in my head for when my girls are older.

  2. I love that theme idea and all of your "mail" was simply adorable.


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