Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

You're ruining the fun for everyone.  I love comments as much as the next blogger
but you and your friends are making it difficult for me to slog through your junk to see my real friends.  As a former English teacher, I cringe as I read your run-on sentences and misused vocabulary words.  Your brief comments meant to make me do a happy dance and think I'm being noticed and appreciated are seriously counterproductive.  Instead I want to scream shake my fist at the world.  It is so frustrating that yet another platform is being over-run with ridiculous messages and bad tactics.

I had turned off the word verification to make it easier to leave me a love note, but I find not only must I turn that back most of the time, but I must also disallow Anonymous commenters. This makes me sad.  Perhaps I am too trusting.  Perhaps I am naive.  Whatever it is, a few obnoxious people are ruining things for the greater population.

Anonymous, please go back to the hole you crawled out of and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy the beauties and camaraderie of BlogLand.

A Reformed Heath'n


  1. Very well said! and thank you. I feel the same way and am so tired of the mess being left on my blog. ugh Maybe it will stop for awhile when blogger dies in a few weeks? Thanks for all the quilty goodness you share from a true follower.

  2. I really hate those weird comments, so I don't allow anonymous comments, but I turned off word verification. I still get weird messages with an email address attached, but they usually go to my SPAM file in blogger and just delete them. I wish they would crawl back in that hole, too.

  3. It always amazes me that people don't have the courage to use their names when they post comments. Using anonymous is a cowardly way to make a comment, in my humble opinion. At least you can do something to prevent them in the future.

  4. Hey just and FYI...I don't allow Anonymous comments but I still don't have word verification on and I don't get spam. Once you block those annoying Anon-ers, the spam stops. Promise.


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