Monday, May 21, 2012

Patriotic Candle Holders

With Memorial Day coming up, I wanted to play a little with my mantle.  Just the right inspiration came from the Pinspired and Rewired challenge (see the button below).  The most recent theme was "Washi Tape".  I've seen various projects for this around, but never looked much into it other than to check out the tutorials on how to make it myself.  Washi Tape is basically decorative masking-style tape.  On Pinterest, I found this vase ( and these cups (

Washi Tape Vase Banner Square          
I thought about my love of candles and candlescapes and went shopping ...  I came home with these:

... and went to town playing ...


and ended up with this:


This was a really quick, fun project--all for less than $15!  I love these kinds of projects.  Once I practice making my own tape, it would be so easy to  change out the designs and colors to match the holidays and birthdays and seasons and ...


  1. Heather - does that tape have adhesive on it or do you need to use something to help hold the tape on? What a clever idea (not that I need anymore ideas of things to do). But it looks like it's something fairly easy to do and not too time consuming. Looks like an old YW president can learn from her students, even in this day and age!

  2. I love the candles and I love washi tape, it is a new discovery for me. When I see it I buy it, it is so much fun.


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